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Ghosting bot gradually dumps bad dates

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Ghostbot uses artificial intelligence to helps daters gracefully exit undesirable situations, without having to deal with it themselves.

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Most online daters have been the recipient of unwanted messages at one time or another. These can range from a simple unrequited pursuit to aggressive or abusive situations. Now, Ghostbot is a bot that uses artificial intelligence to helps daters gracefully exit an undesirable situation, without having to deal with it themselves.


Ghostbot was created for use with the Burner app, which provides people with unlimited, temporary phone numbers to use for online dating or other services such as Etsy or Craiglist, so they can protect their IRL privacy. To use Ghostbot, Burner users enter their real mobile number and receive a code. Next, they can activate Ghostbot on any of their Burner conversations and the bot will automatically take over communications. Then, Ghostbot can let the texter down gently or more forcefully, depending on the messages being sent. The bot even varies the length of response time to mimic the behavior of an uninterested dater and eventually just stops replying.

What other difficult communication could be outsourced to emotionless bots?


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