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Giant Tetris in Tel Aviv

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As part of Tel Aviv’s Innovation Festival, citizens can play computer games displayed on the side of the building.

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Tel Aviv’s Innovation Festival is a conference designed to bridge the gap between the business, digital and creative communities in Israel’s capital city. Although guests attend by invitation only, the public will be able to enjoy the event by playing giant computer games.

The conference will run for the length of September, with events scheduled at Tel Aviv’s city hall. A giant game of Tetris will be ‘screened’ on the side of the building as part of the promotion. Every Thursday after dark for a month the building’s windows become “pixels” that light up via 480 LED lights on a 3,000 square-meter screen. Players can choose from Tetris, Pong or Snake and can play for free. The joysticks, also giant at 1.5 metres, were located in Rabin Square, right next to the municipal building.

We wrote about this supermarket chain that allowed festival goers to order food and drink delivered directly to them at the event. How else will event organisers use tech to gain attention?



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