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Gift-giving site hand-picks items tailored to the recipient

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Gift Owl is a UK venture that asks gift recipients to fill out a questionnaire outlining their taste and then finds suitable gifts accordingly.

Creative gift-giving has remained a perennial challenge through the years, inspiring more than a few services designed to make it easier. Much like a cross between 15gifts and NOTANOTHERBILL, both of which we covered last year, Gift Owl is a UK venture that aims to take the pain out of finding the perfect gifts. Gift-givers begin by buying a Gift Owl Card on the company’s site; pricing is GBP 24.99, including delivery within the UK. Gift Owl then mails the card out to the intended recipient. When it arrives, the person on the receiving end fills out an accompanying questionnaire and sends it back to Gift Owl. “They can complete as little or as much as they want, but the more they tell us the better we can choose their gifts,” the company explains. Next, Gift Owl scouts the world of craft fairs, vintage shops, designer studios and more for unique items tailored to the recipient’s personality, style and taste. It then packages those items up, wraps the result in brown paper, and sends it along to the recipient. Where there’s pain there’s opportunity, as every entrepreneur knows. How could your brand offer some pain relief of its own, in gift-giving or beyond?



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