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US gift packages offer a taste of recipients' home state


Catering to students and others who have relocated, PiecesofThere provides local product gift boxes for each of the 50 states of the US.

We’ve already seen subscription services that enable customers to get a taste of a different city, such as Try The World‘s regular boxes of assorted products from different global regions. However, sometimes those moving to a new city simply want a reminder of the unique tastes and oddities from their hometown. Catering to students and others who have moved states, PiecesofThere provides gift boxes for each of the 50 states of the US.

Customers signing up for the boxes simply choose their home state, or the home state of the recipient they want to gift the packages to. The subscription packages are available as one-off gifts, or regular parcels sent every month, college semester, or seasonal and special occasions. Each box is tailored to provide products typically only available in that state, or that have a strong association with it. For example, the New York boxes may include a city map and some Hampton Coffee, while Alaskans could get some wild berry tea and an Ulu knife. The Louisiana boxes feature Old New Orleans Rum and a Mardi Gras mask, while Washingtonians get treated to Portlock Smoked Salmon Filet and Starbucks Frappuccino. The packages are priced according to the goods in each one, although they’re typically around USD 50 to USD 60.

PiecesofThere aims to provide home comforts to those living outside of their state of origin by delivering regular local treats. It’s also currently offering packages from Canada, Britain, Ireland, China and India. Are there other parts of the world where this idea could work?



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