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Glasses for cyclists improves breathing performance

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A new design uses magnetic nasal dilator technology to improve the performance of cyclists.

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Cycling innovations from around the world seek to improve the performance and safety of bike riders. For example, in Japan, an air-free bike tire uses spokes for support. Another example is a smart bike light from France that sends alerts if a cyclist is turning or if an accident occurs. A new innovation from the US, the Speedcraft AIR glasses, offers cyclists a better breathing performance.

The Speedcraft AIR glasses are from company 100% who create gear and clothing to improve the performance of racers. The glasses work by helping to hold the wearers nose open with integrated nose magnets. This breathing technology comes from a partnership with AC Systems. Connecting magnetic nose pads to glasses creates a more comfortable experience for cyclists as it offers an alternative to nasal dilation devices. Additionally, the magnetic nasal dilator technology is built into award-winning Speedcraft sunglasses. These are lightweight, shatterproof, and offer the wearer 100 percent UV protection and 360 degree visibility. Also, the design is oil and water repellent due to a scratch-resistant Hydroilo coating.

Speedcraft AIR glasses also offers wearers more control as there is a small dial in the center of the glasses. By adjusting this dial, the wearer can control the magnetic arms and choose how much nasal dilation they need. Therefore, cyclists can choose the correct amount of nasal dilation on demand. 100% explains that this adjustable feature balances the “correct ratio of gases entering your lungs in the proper sequence”. In order to assess the product performance, Peter Sagan, a three-time UCI Road World Champion, race-tested the Speedcraft AIR glasses. In what other ways can enhancements to cycling gear improve performances?




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