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Global animal shelter project lets users pick a pet and donate to its care


Crowdfunding Teddy Food allows donators to choose how their money is spent and then watch their pet be cared for via video streaming.

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Russia-based pet project Teddy Food is purr-fect for animal lovers with its crowdfunding website that allows users to donate to a pet of their choice. The Kickstarter platform encourages donators to choose a pet from an animal shelter and contribute money towards its care, providing the option to pick whether the funding goes towards food, health, a present or more. Users can then watch their pet be cared for in the chosen way via video stream on the Teddy Food website.

Teddy Food connects animal shelters all over the world, setting up webcams in the locations that enable donators to watch their favourite pets around the clock. To date, the project works in seven pet shelters and 110 pets have found new homes, more than 300 medical procedures have been performed, and 259 pets have received help. Teddy Food hopes its Kickstarter project will help it expand to countries around the world including the USA, Japan, Germany, the UK, Austria and Australia. Reaching the funding goal will also help the project create a mobile app.

According to its founders, many people want to help homeless animals but face obstacles such as lack of free time or being unsure what the best way to help it. Animal lovers are always keen to do the best their can for their own pets and other animals, with tech creations such as the rubber play ball that helps measure a dog’s fitness and a smart cat flap that helps owners monitor their pet’s behaviour also buying into the market. How do you use technology with your pets and other animals?




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