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Global record label for street musicians

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Sound of Change aims to expand street musicians' audiences by bringing them online, through the videos of up-and-coming filmmakers.

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There are a huge array of talented street musicians around the world, and we have seen a couple of projects such as a Paypal method and a Bitcoin portal for buskers, which make it easier for passersby to support them through online donations. Now, Sound of Change is a record label for street musicians, which aims to expand their audience and support network by bringing their music online, through the videos of up-and-coming filmmakers.


Sound of Change is a global project launched by Hungry Boys Creative Agency. The company has already begun to work with three artists from Amsterdam, Moscow and Madrid. For each musician, the label commissioned video producers to create a short promotional film, and recorded one of their tracks in a studio. The video and music have since been uploaded onto the Sound of Change website along with links to buy the songs on iTunes or listen to on Spotify. Now, the project is crowdsourcing the rest of its roster by asking audience members to record a video of street musicians they love, geotagging them, and sharing them with the hashtag #soundofchange, along with the musician’s contact details. All proceeds raised go directly to the musicians.

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