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A global walk against hunger

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In Argentina, Panama and Ecuador, walkers can convert the calories they burn into money to donate to foodbanks.

Way back in 2008, we covered this Californian project that let users putting their everyday exercise into charitable donations by getting corporate sponsorship. Calorías X Calorías follows a similar principle, differing slightly logistically.

Calorías X Calorías is a sponsored walk that took place in Argentina, Ecuador and Panama in October to coincide with World Food Day. Users sign up for free via the event website and convert the calories they burn into money. Walkers can then donate the money to the foodbank charity of their choice. The event is a collaboration between fitness organization Walking is Good, and the Argentina Network of Food Banks.

Calorías X Calorías aims to reduce sedentariness lifestyle and hunger at the same time. Are there other pairings of this kind that can help solve two, to some extent opposing, problems at the same time through corporate sponsorship?


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