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New low-impact marketing tool: glow-in-the-dark bacteria

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Last time we featured CURB (the natural media agency) they were promoting the London Aquarium by stenciling its logo on city surfaces using seawater. Now, just in time for Christmas, CURB has launched its latest low-impact innovation. GlowFungi, also known as DiscoFungi, is a marketing tool that uses glow-in-the-dark bacteria. The harmless bacteria’s glow is a natural reaction, requiring no chemicals, and can last up to a week. To create a glowing piece of work, CURB adds bio-luminescent bacteria to petri-dishes, a bed of mushrooms, or a writeable gel that can be applied directly to any surface, indoors or out. CURB has sent petri-dish holiday greetings to twenty clients and agencies across the UK. Which brand will be the first to create a glowing nocturnal campaign using DiscoFungi? We’ll keep you updated ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Related: Media agency focuses on low-impact advertising โ€” More low-impact branding from Curb: snow tagging โ€” Latest eco-friendly branding tool: sea tagging.)



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