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Glowing polar bear energy sensor, book and app educates kids about global warming

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The Bobo energy display, storybook and app for kids illustrates the connection between home energy consumption and the wellbeing of polar bears.

The plight of polar bears is one of the many concerns raised due to the effects of global warming, and we recently saw the MELTDOWN board game innovatively educate young children about the issue. Now Norway-based Caretosave has created the animal-shaped Bobo energy display, storybook and app for kids, which illustrates the connection between home energy consumption and the wellbeing of polar bears. The product centers around a smart sensor that – when clipped to the property’s electricity meter – detects how much energy is being used and sends the information over wifi to a six-inch tall polar bear model, placed somewhere prominent in the home. If energy consumption is low then the bear remains white, but as usage rises LEDs turn the animal blue and finally red. The colors indicate the happiness of Bobo – a polar bear whose story is explained in an accompanying book for kids. Energy is also monitored through an educative app, which shows children how much energy their household is using, how they could reduce it and how much Arctic ice they can save. They can also track their home’s consumption over time to see how well they’re doing to save Bobo’s friends. Bobo is an engaging way to instil eco-friendly values in children at a young age so they know how to save energy when they’re old enough to get their own home. However, adults are also reminded of how much electricity their own property consumes, making saving energy a fun and collaborative process between parents and kids. Although a price has not yet been confirmed for the product, customers can reserve theirs now and Caretosave hopes to ship at the end of 2013. How else can children – and adults – be encouraged to cut their carbon emissions? Spotted by: Andriy Shmyhelskyy



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