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Motorcycle taxi and courier service eases congestion in Jakarta

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As traffic continues to worsen in Jakarta, the motorcycle taxis locals refer to as Ojeks are steadily increasing in popularity. Their ability to beat the heavy traffic in the city has made them one of the most effective modes of transport, and yet many are still unlicensed. Hoping to add levels of reliability, safety and security through the professionalization of the service, we recently came across new startup Go-Jek.

Go-Jek is both a taxi, a courier, and a shopping and grocery collection service, marketed as being suitable for both business and leisure use. Users of Go-Jek begin by calling the switchboard and specifying whether they are requesting transport for a person, package, or shopping collection. A fare is agreed upon depending on the distance involved, and a driver is sent out from the nearest available location. The caller will then receive a text confirming their order, and the driver is assisted from the Go-Jek call center en-route to avoid any unexpected difficulties. The driver will then arrive to pick up the delivery or person, or drop off the shopping, and is paid upon completion of the task. All of the Go-Jek drivers travel with an extra helmet in an effort to ensure the safety of passengers on taxi jobs, and they are all recruited through a referral system to ensure their reliability. Currently focused in the South and Central areas of Jakarta, Go-Jek have plans to expand throughout the city.

The idea of motorcycle taxis in Jakarta may be nothing new, but the pricing transparency, reliability and safety offered by Go-Jek could give them an edge over unlicensed competitors. What other industries in your area could benefit from a similar raising of standards? (Related: Minibus service offers an alternative mode of public transportPedal-powered taxis deliver free love.)

Spotted by: Sandila Ekaputri



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