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Good drivers could use their data to get reduced rates

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The Ford Smart Mobility project is a data-driven experiment, which calculated a personal driver score based on each participant's behavior on the road.

Better drivers already benefit from lower insurance premiums, but Ford wants to take these savings even further through its Smart Mobility project. The data-driven experiment calculated a personal driver score based on each participant’s behavior on the road, with the view that the score could be used to help them get reduced rates on car hire and car-sharing services.

Inspired by health tracking reward schemes, Ford created a prototype app and fitted 40 Ford Fiestas, driven by volunteers, with various sensors and devices. Then, over a four month period, the data was gathered on over 4000 hours of driving, about actions such as steering, accelerating and harsh turns. Data about the weather and time of day were also recorded. Next, the data was used to create an overall personal score, which could be accessed via the app. Drivers could also view scores for specific areas of technique and individual journeys.

The idea is that the personal driver score can be a way to empower drivers with their own data. How else could this information be used?



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