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Gourmet burgers

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Repeating our premise that everything can and will be upgraded, we bring you London’s Gourmet Burger Kitchen – a rapidly growing chain of sit-down restaurants offering nothing but high-end burgers. Winner of several ‘best burger’ and ‘best cheap eat’ awards, the idea behind the Gourmet Burger Kitchen is to take what was traditionally a non-healthy, fast-food favourite and turn it into something that’s still a fast favourite, but made from fresh ingredients and presented as both nutritious and sophisticated. Endorsed by internationally recognized chef Peter Gordon, GBK’s menu features an extensive range of innovative and exotic burger combinations, some of which are likely to tempt even non-burger loving customers. On offer are classic combinations such as chicken, camembert and cranberry, and beef, avocado and bacon. Innovative alternatives include chorizo with sweet potato, and lamb with minted relish. Although the idea of gourmet hamburgers is not entirely novel (the idea for GBK originated in New Zealand), it’s one that definitely has room to spread across the world. Which city couldn’t do with another fast, satisfyingly simply, yet fresh and nourishing choice?



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