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Government-created app suite aims to improve experience of Brazilian city


Passaporte Curitiba features a range of apps that aim to improve users' experience of the city.

While Boston authorities are making their civic services mobile with its City Hall To Go scheme, the Brazilian city of Curitiba is using a new suite of apps to benefit its residents. Passaporte Curitiba features a range of apps that aim to improve users’ experience of the city. In collaboration with the Instituto Curitiba de Informático, the city has created ten apps in the series, which enable visitors or long-term residents to access free wifi, information on the cheapest groceries in the vicinity and a community chat forum. The idea behind the launch is to take advantage of digital technologies to greater integrate the city’s inhabitants with those around them. This could be particularly beneficial to older or disabled people who may have become disconnected from society. Passaporte Curitiba is a way for both tourists and lifelong denizens to take greater advantage of what the city has to offer. Could this work in your part of the world?



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