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Design-your-own accessories with a choice of knitting grannies

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It’s remarkable how many times grannies have appeared on our virtual pages over the years, both for their eco-sensible advice and for their nifty knack for knitting. Now, in addition to Danish Mormor, Swiss Netgranny and French Golden Hook, consumers with a hankering for hand-knit clothing have a new design-your-own option in London’s Grannies Inc. Grannies Inc. offers an array of knitwear accessory templates that consumers can use to design their own masterpieces. Myriad different styles, textures, colors and added features are at the consumer’s disposal as they go about brainstorming the perfect beanie, scarf, wristwarmer, snood or head band. Once they have a design they like, shoppers can also choose the granny they’d like to have make it. From there, it gets speedily knit by the chosen knitter using 100 percent British spun merino wool yarn. For those who like to see before they buy, a premade collection is also available. Currently, wrist warmer pricing begins at about GBP 20. Anyone still doubt the value of a good product life story and some (still) made here appeal? We didn’t think so. Spotted by: Ken Green



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