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Greek startup tracks what people ignore on a webpage

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Loceye uses biometric eye-tracking to see what people seem to like or not on webpages

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Spotted: Greek startup Loceye is offering a tool to track when, where and how long people focus on various parts of a webpage. Users upload a web design onto the Loceye platform. The digital content is stored in the cloud. Next, Loceye shares the content with real people recruited to match a company’s required demographic. Reports sharing their behaviour are generated in less than a day. These include heat maps and visualisations to help customers easily understand the results of the biometric eye-tracking study.

Loceye was founded by four electrical engineers from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The startup has won several awards, including a creative prize from the Startup Europe Awards and another from the ACT John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards. In late 2018, Greek venture capital company, Velocity Partners, announced a second round investment of €300,000 in the business.



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