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Greek startup tracks what people ignore on a webpage

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Loceye uses biometric eye-tracking to see what people seem to like or not on webpages


Greek startup Loceye is offering a tool to track when, where and how long people focus on various parts of a webpage. Users upload a web design onto the Loceye platform. The digital content is stored in the cloud. Next, Loceye shares the content with real people recruited to match a company’s required demographic. Reports sharing their behaviour are generated in less than a day. These include heat maps and visualisations to help customers easily understand the results of the biometric eye-tracking study.

Loceye was founded by four electrical engineers from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The startup has won several awards, including a creative prize from the Startup Europe Awards and another from the ACT John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards. In late 2018, Greek venture capital company, Velocity Partners, announced a second round investment of €300,000 in the business.

Takeaway: The platform makes it simpler for designers to see what works or doesn’t on a webpage. It is particularly useful for media companies, creative agencies, marketers, and really all designers of webpages who want to make maximum use of online space. The system is relatively simple. Normally, tracking how users focus on a website requires extensive and complicated research. Loceye’s technology bypasses that by offering a quick and low-cost one-stop way to track end-users’ attention without elaborate equipment or time-consuming processes. It means users can make better informed, and faster data-driven decisions to optimise web design.



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