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Based in San Francisco, Greenway Maid is an environment-friendly house and office cleaning service. The company has a staff of professionals trained in green cleaning methods, experienced in busting dust and dirt with non-toxic, biodegradable products. Instead of a standard vacuum cleaner, Greenway uses an HEPA vacuum, which prevents dust and particles from being blown back into the air. Other products used include Soapworks non-chlorine bleach, diluted tea tree oil, baking soda and Murphy’s pure vegetable oil soap to give hardwood floors a super shine. Not only is the green approach good for the environment, non-toxic cleaning products are also better for children, pets and of course the cleaners that handle the products every day. Much like Brooklyn-based ZENhome Cleaning, which we covered a few months ago, Greenway Maid has found a great way to stand out in a prosaic industry. The green-clean concept should work well all over the world. Time to set up a respected, well-branded franchise organisation?



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