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As you know, Springwise is all about spotting and sharing good ideas. So we’re always thrilled to hear from readers starting up a company (partially) based on something we’ve written about. Vincent Wek wrote this weekend to tell us about his new company – Home Sweet Home – which he was inspired to start after reading about eco-friendly cleaners Greenway Maid, featured here earlier this year. Home Sweet Home is dedicated to providing London with an environmentally friendly cleaning service, aiming to offer a deeper and healthier house clean. The company uses Ecover cleaning products, which are made from natural plant and mineral ingredients, have a minimum impact on the environment and are safe for cleaners and a home’s inhabitants. Home Sweet Home also uses microfiber cloths, which clean hard surfaces with just hot water, saving the environment (and allergy sufferers) by minimizing the need for harsh cleansers. We hope increasing numbers of entrepreneurs in service industries will go for the green, and look forward to hearing from you if you’re launching a business based on a new business idea you spotted here. Contact: Vincent Wek,



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