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Pharmacy vending machine offers location-based specials through Foursquare

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There’s been virtually no limit to the vending-machine innovations we’ve seen over the years, and in the latest spotting Swedish Green Cross is using its technology to sell non-prescription drugs. Perhaps even more interesting than its use of automatic vending however, is that it recently began running specials through location-based service Foursquare. With nine vending machines in three Swedish cities, Green Cross sells a wide variety of non-prescription goods, from aspirin to condoms. Aiming to increase awareness of its offerings, the company just launched what may well be the world’s first Foursquare special for a vending machine. Specifically, when users check into a location on Foursquare that’s near a Green Cross machine, they automatically get alerted to any specials that are currently available there. Ultimately, Green Cross hopes to enable users to check in to its vending machines using Foursquare. It’s also working on a way to complement local ads using platforms such as Facebook Places, Gowalla and Swedish Rabble, according to a recent blog post from company owner Gustaf Brandberg. Social media entrepreneurs: one to partner with to help make that happen? All others in this space: time to make location-based technologies your new best friend! (Related: Vending machine for prescription drugsVending machine rewards mental agility.) Spotted by: Johan Lofmark



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