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Site promotes, ranks & books eco-hotels in Greece

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Hotels are increasingly embracing green practices as a way to set themselves apart, so it only makes sense to see a portal emerge that aims to help eco-minded consumers find them. GreenHotels, in fact, serves not only as a portal and booking engine promoting eco-hotels in Greece, but it even scores those hotels on the “greenness” of their approach. To be included in the GreenHotels network, hotels must have implemented operational systems and methods that are eco-oriented and they must have applied principles of environmental management. Eco-minded practices in use should target water savings, waste reduction, energy footprint and locally sourced products, among other areas. Based on their performance on those criteria, each hotel is given an overall score and classified as a full-fledged “Eco Hotel” — the named used for those with the best scores — or as “Eco Class” A, B or C. Prospective guests can then search the GreenHotels site by map, keyword or the “greenness” level they’re looking for. Once they find one they like, they can book directly through the GreenHotels site. GreenHotels is the brainchild of Greek mSolutions. Who will help environmentally conscious travelers find like-minded hotels in other parts of the world…? (Related: Hotel rewards visitors for smart transportation choicesFive innovative hotel conceptsFrom 12 tons of trash, a pop-up hotel with a message.) Spotted by: Sotiris Milonas



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