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Touted as the UK’s first eco-friendly car insurance, Ecoinsurance offers customers a cleaner conscience and a greener planet, at no extra cost. Each vehicle insurance policy comes with carbon offsets for 20% of the customer’s car’s CO2 emissions, based on an average passenger car with average annual mileage. Customers who drive cars that emit less than 100 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer receive an extra 10% discount on their policy. (This includes the Honda Insight and Smart Diesel, but not the more popular Toyota Prius.) The company also works with an eco-friendly repair network, paying appointed body shops more to ensure they recycle oil and old parts. Ecoinsurance doesn’t seem to be in it just for a bit of positive green PR. In 2005, its parent company Co-operative Insurance became the first insurer in the world to commit to an ethical engagement policy. Meanwhile in the US, Travelers Insurance is offering hybrid drivers 10 percent discount on auto insurance. Which is only fair — hybrid drivers are classified as lower than average risk, and are preferred customers: middle-aged, responsible and financially stable (source: USA Today). Not your traditionally sexy demographic, but it sounds like good business 😉 Whether you’re selling organic cotton or auto insurance, make it easy for your consumers to be green!



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