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Greeting cards double as small gift boxes

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greetabl is a startup aiming to disrupt the greeting card industry with its foldable cards that can hold small gifts.

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Without a present to go with them, greeting cards can sometimes be a bit disappointing, but sending a gift almost makes the card redundant when a tag can be added instead. For gift-givers who find themselves paralyzed by this dilemma, greetabl is a startup aiming to disrupt the industry with its foldable greetings cards that can hold small gifts.

Each greetabl consists of a single piece of card that includes a seasonal or abstract design on the outside and space to write a message on the inside, much like typical greeting card. Based on the assumption that most people prefer to receive a gift over a simple card — regardless of how small — the card can then fold into a small box, big enough to hold some chocolates, a small toy or even a piece of jewelry. Once folded up, an address can be added and the box can be sent as it is through US mail. greetabls come in a wide range of quirky designs, including birthday, wedding, pizza and — most timely — Valentine’s day themes, and cost USD 6.99 each. The video below offers more information about the concept:

greetabl encourages friends and family to give a little extra to make their birthday and holiday notes a bit more special without extra hassle. How else can greeting cards be redesigned to offer something more?



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