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Grilled cheese sandwiches delivered from the sky


Jafflechutes is now delivering its grilled cheese sandwiches to street level via parachute.

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We’ve seen flying food before in the form of YO! Sushi’s iTray drone waiter. For food businesses who can’t afford such technology however, Jafflechutes is now delivering its grilled cheese sandwiches to street level via parachute.

Conceived in Melbourne, the idea was initially developed as a product to help tower block dwellers who forgot their keys to let their flatmates easily drop them down from high levels via small parachutes. After thinking up a more profitable solution for the product, the team created a pop-up cafeteria from their fifth-floor apartment. Customers order their jaffle — the Australian term for a grilled cheese sandwich — by paying via PayPal and arranging a time slot to pick up their snack. An ‘X’ is marked on the street and the sandwich is delivered via parachute to the ground below. The company’s menu typically includes cheese and tomato jaffles for USD 5, and cheese and ham for USD 6, although it also offers seasonal variations and customers can request vegan options through the Jafflechutes Facebook page.

The company is currently running a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to launch in New York, as well as other North American cities. The video below explains a bit more about the service:

The concept could be useful for pop-up stores who can’t afford ground-level outlets, or drones that provide a similar distribution model. It also provides a novelty experiences for customers that can set brands apart from the market. Are there products that could actually benefit from this delivery technique over typical methods?



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