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Growing kid's shoes fit perfectly for 5 years

Nonprofit & Social Cause

The Shoe That Grows is a children's shoe that fits for five years, helping to provide sustainable footwear for millions around the world.

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Kid’s feet grow at an alarming rate. In the developed world this means that parents have to spend a significant amount of money on regular replacements, but in poorer countries it is more than just an inconvenience. Families are rarely able to keep up with the demands of growing feet, meaning children are often forced to make do with uncomfortable shoes in the wrong size, or no footwear at all. The Shoe that Grows — created by non-profit Because International — hopes to change that.


The flexible shoe — which comes in small or large — adjusts and expands gradually to fit a child’s foot perfectly for five years. The shoe is made from leather, compressed rubber and snaps, making it both sturdy and easy to clean. Because International distribute the shoes through partner institutions in Ecuador, Haiti, Ghana and beyond, via duffle bags which can hold up to fifty pairs of shoes.


The are 3 million children around the world without shoes, which in many places puts them in danger of contracting soil-transmitted parasites and diseases. Donors can contribute by gifting USD 15 to the cause, which will add one pair of shoes to a duffle bag. Could the growing shoes prove popular as a commercial product too?



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