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H2Olive | Beauty is only skin-deep


Drinkable olive-based beverage from South Africa: the ultimate inner-outer beauty drink.

Olives have been used throughout the ages as a natural beautifier: a symbol of strength and longevity, olives have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing and regenerative properties. Which means consumers by now understand the healthy benefits of cooking with olive oil or rubbing it onto their skin, but how about drinking the stuff to further improve health and beauty from within? Yuck? Just take a look at the proliferation of ‘beauty’ drinks containing aloe vera, amino acids and biotin, and suddenly South African H2Olive (owned by South African Languedoc) doesn’t seem to be that far fetched. H2Olive is said to be the first drinkable olive-based beverage for ‘inner and outer beauty’, with raw materials coming from the company’s own mineral water source and olive farm. The drink combines cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extracts, with an olive oil content of 12%, and comes in four flavours: a straight olive oil and water blend, a rooibos tea drink with a hint of wood, a lychee and pomegranate combination, and a white wine twister that has an alcohol content of 4.8%. Worth emailing them to see if they need any distributors in your country of residence? Cheers!


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