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Hand gestures edit programming of virtual reality game

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Loop is an Occulus Rift app that enables non-coders to explore and alter a virtual world through physical hand actions.

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Programming can seem like magic to non-coders, especially when it comes to virtual reality. We have already seen a platform enable anyone to create 3D images by typing out text, and now Loop is an Occulus Rift app that lets users explore and alter a virtual world through physical hand actions.


Loop is an interactive virtual world, created by coder Stefan Wagner. To explore, users wear an Occulus Rift headset and a Leap motion sensor, then walk on a treadmill. The player travels through various scenes on a transparent pathway and can alter their surroundings by grabbing pieces of code with their hand. These ‘code objects’ can change the flight of a flock of birds, make a branch on a tree grow, or adjust the reflective quality of a surface, all through various hand gestures.


The program is designed to help non-coders gain a better understanding of the digital media they consume and make programming a more tangible concept. How could Loop be adapted and used in an educational capacity?



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