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Hand-held LED light health monitoring

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The One X sensor measures the body’s level of carotenoids with light waves, linking to other wellness trackers to show how lifestyle choices affect health.

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Currently raising funds on Indiegogo, the One X sensor provides real-time, anywhere health monitoring. Held in the hand, the sensor sends a beam of LED light into the palm and measures the reflected color. The color reflected by the body is an indicator of the amount of carotenoids present. Carotenoids are antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables, and a higher percentage indicates better overall health.

Typically used by public health professionals, this is the first commercially available carotenoid scanner. The sensor links to other wellness tracking devices, showing users how sleep, alcohol intake and stress, among other factors, affects overall health. The sensors are fingerprint activated, and five accounts can be linked to each one. Final versions are due to be shipped in early 2017. Further development includes personalized dietary recommendations and photo analysis of the nutritional content of meals.

Personalized health management is becoming increasingly smart, with pill dispensers using facial and voice recognition to provide the correct dose for the correct person and apps that can test for anemia using a smartphone light. What chronic conditions could use connectivity for easier management?



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