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Handheld device makes sure sunscreen is applied evenly

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Voxelight’s Sunscreenr viewfinder lets users see immediately if any skin is left unprotected.

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Uneven sunscreen application is a regular holiday hazard. Stripes of sunburn or oddly placed untanned handprints are fairly common sights, something light technology startup Voxelight’s first product, Sunscreenr, plans to eliminate. Portable and waterproof, Sunscreenr is a small viewfinder that lets users see immediately where sunscreen hasn’t been applied.


Sun bathers look through the viewfinder to see whether their skin is a uniform color. Sunscreen reflects UV rays, making skin look darker when viewed through the device. Any light patches of skin indicate a lack of sunscreen. Sunscreenr is now in production, and Voxelight is extending its crowdfunding on Indiegogo to try to reach the company’s second stretch goal of USD 150,000.


Miniaturization and personalization continue to make health care more convenient, such as on-demand 3D pill printing and over-the-phone respiratory checks. What other personal tasks could benefit from anytime access and portability?



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