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Hands-free dog poo bag keeps sidewalks clean

Comfortable for dogs to wear, the Piqapoo collects dog poo so owners don’t have to, making walks more pleasant and public spaces cleaner.

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Already fully funded on Kickstarter, with more than a month to go, Piqapoo solves one of the main downsides to owning a dog. Developed by dog owners, the Piqapoo clips onto the base of a dog’s tail and contains collection bags that can then be dropped directly into the trash bin. Owners never have to touch the bag. Piqapoos can be ordered in different sizes for different breeds of dog and are soft and lightweight.

The collection bags are strong enough to hold all types of feces, and the design has been tested on more than 100 dogs, including service animals. Each Piqapoo should last for at least a year. Limited numbers of some of the Kickstarter pledge packages are still available, with delivery of first orders planned from March 2017.

Pet owners are notoriously besotted with their four (or more) legged family members, and recent innovations for pets include an art exhibition for dogs and headphones for horses. What other ways could technology help make pet ownership more pleasant?



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