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Headphones learn users' unique hearing profiles

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Nura headphones use soundwave technology to adapt its audio output to suit the listener's unique hearing.

Each person’s hearing is as unique as their fingerprint, so it is no wonder that headphone companies have turned to customization in the hunt for perfect music consumption. We have already seen earbuds that mould to the listener’s ears and modular headphones that can be adapted for any genre, now Nura headphones take customization even further — using soundwave technology to adapt the audio output to suit the listener’s unique hearing.

Nura headphones are comprised of both earbuds and over-ear components. Once the listener has put them on, the headphones measure their hearing, using a form of otoacoustic emission, which analyzes the sound that goes in and the response of the inner ear with a small microphone. The headphones then calibrate its sound level and quality to suit the listener in 30 seconds. Once they have been used once, Nura can even recognize the listener and recall their settings.

Nura headphones are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where they have already raised six times the USD 100,000 goal with over a month still to go. Pledgers can pre-order a set for USD 199 for delivery in April 2017. Are there any other elements of headphones that could be personalized?



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