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Headphones help horses relax and focus

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HorseCom bluetooth headphones sit over horses ears, enabling users to play calming music or communicate more clearly with their horses.

We’ve seen how a smart harness could reduce training time with service dogs, and now a set of equine ear phones could help horse owners keep their animals calm and focussed.


HorseCom have developed a set of headphones that sit on top of a horse’s head and cover their ears, like a bonnet. The headphones can perform two roles — users can communicate with their horse via a hands free comms device or have soothing music played into the horse’s ears (at safe audible levels). The headphones sync up to an app via bluetooth, with the bonnets featuring a mesh that helps reduce any effects of bluetooth exposure. HorseCom headphones are available for preorder beginning at USD 149, with a subscription service available for bespoke music and audio coaching lessons added each month.

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