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Health food deals site uses medical records to personalize offers


Zipongo Life enables users to receive personalized daily deals on health foods which take into account their medical records.

Regular readers of Springwise may have recently seen our coverage of Kroger and Safeway’s new personalized discount schemes, which offer individualized prices for products based on shoppers’ purchase histories. Now a grocery products store in the US will soon be launching Zipongo Life, enabling users to receive personalized daily deals on health foods which take into account their medical records. We’ve had our eye on Zipongo for a while now, but having recently received seed capital funding from healthcare, tech and food marketing experts, it is to move its new platform out of private beta this summer. Existing customers are already encouraged to eat healthily, as those who purchase good-for-you foods receive more discounts on those products in future, making a healthy diet more affordable. Sharing deals on social networks also results in increased discounts. However, using Zipongo Life, users will reportedly be able to receive personalized discounts by providing more information about their lifestyle – such as existing diet, exercise regimes and sleeping habits. Using a secure portal and requiring the user to opt-in, Zipongo Life will also analyze medical records to further individualize money off coupons. As well as discounts, the site offers personalized recipes and calorie intake suggestions. Zipongo has taken a comprehensive approach to providing a service that takes in a wealth of data about each customer in order to better serve their needs, and its privacy policy means that this data is not shared with third party companies without user permission. There’s plenty of inspiration to be taken from this holistic approach, for those in every industry. Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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