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Health insurance company launches medical ATMs in India

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A basic health cover has been offered to customers in India via ATM machines which perform non-intrusive medical tests.

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We are used to stopping by ATMs to get some cash, but what about visiting them for a medical test? Max Bupa Health Insurance has launched just that in banks across India, and the machines will conduct non-intrusive tests and issue health policies. The machines will be installed in banks that are partners to the company, with Max Bupa working with a health startup to make the vision a reality.

To buy a health policy, the ATM user needs to provide a mobile number, enter the validation code sent to it and share their biometrics to the machine. The machine will then measure various body elements including height, weight, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels and temperature. The data will be used to calculate body mass index, bone density, muscle mass, and more. The data will be then be analysed to create a health score.

Making an age-old device multi functional has been an angle many health companies have taken when launching new innovations. The earphones that act as a tinnitus early warning system and a temporary tattoo that doubles up as a health biometrics scanner are just two examples. How could you take this approach to optimise your company operations?




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