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Health and wellbeing trackers for women double as jewelry

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The Leaf and the WellBe bracelet are both health trackers for women that double as jewelry.

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The majority of wearable health monitors have taken their style cues from the worlds of sportswear and gadgets. But now, smart accessories designer Bellabeat has launched its Leaf health tracker — an elegant wearable monitor for women that can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or brooch.

The Leaf, made of American wood and silver, can be clipped onto the wearer’s clothing or worn as jewelry. It connects wirelessly to a companion app and enables the wearer to monitor their activity, sleep quality, stress levels and menstrual cycle. Wearers can use it as a breathing monitor, enabling them to de-stress by following breathing exercises on the app. They can also set activity goals and program the Leaf to vibrate to encourage them to be more active or slow down the pace. Additionally by inputing their menstruation cycle, they can easily keep an eye on which part of the cycle they are in and see how other areas of their health are affected by the time of the month.


Another product blurring the line between jewelry and health tracker is the WellBe bracelet, an elegant wearable worn on the wrist, which helps users maintain emotional wellbeing, using meditation and mindfulness techniques. Could jewelry represent the future of wearable tech for women?



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