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Healthcare app allows users to hire home nurses

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One of China’s leading private healthcare providers launched an app for patients who want to book a home visit with a nurse.

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Subscription services are popular because they save time. Curated goods are delivered straight to a buyer’s door. A huge range of goods and services are now available on-demand. New options include tampons, wellbeing boxes, clothes, food, coffee, flowers and wine. Healthcare providers have taken note. In general, healthcare uses cutting edge technology in myriad ways and is now expanding its offerings to include out-of-clinic care. In China, the country’s Oasis International Clinics provides the Didi Nurse home visit booking app. Nurses create a profile and list their areas of specialty, along with the local hospital at which they work.

Some of the care offered by nurses via the app includes dressing changes and intravenous infusions. For patients requiring regular check-ups, postoperative care home visits are also available. Didi Nurse is available for iOS users from the app store. While popular, such apps are also creating concerns over the safety of both patients and carers. One question that has been raised includes wondering who is responsible in case of an accident. And how is care quality monitored? Similarly, what processes ensure both patients and carers are kept safe from abuse? There are millions of registered users and a range of similar apps available. Ideally, such popularity will encourage conversations about relevant safety measures and monitoring.

Other ways technology is bringing healthcare into the home include virtual reality rehabilitation regimes and social media analysis. In addition to being a fun way to receive therapy, the technology behind the new virtual reality rehabilitation could help avoid expensive trips to see a doctor. The technology stimulates people to perform specific movements while also tracking results for physical therapists. In Canada, a public health campaign uses artificial intelligence to examine the expressed thoughts and behaviors of social media users. This helps carers to best allocate care and ideally, work as a suicide prevention program. What type of group healthcare or benefits would improve from a connection upgrade?



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