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iCarbonX platform | Photo source Pixabay

Healthcare platform is powered by genomics and big data

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China-based health tracking platform has partnered with a range of leading biotech companies to offer individuals insight into health trends based on their own genomics.

As genomics become more affordable, consumer-focused markets are growing. For example, we’ve seen an app that sources news stories according to a user’s genome. In addition to, this startup that enables users to securely sell their personal genomic data. Now, China-based iCarbonX aims to give users insight and solutions into their unique genomes, all within one platform.

iCarbonX is the company driving an international collaboration effort to digitise and datarise genomic and biomedical data. The data is then turned into a consumer facing platform. Dubbed Meum, iCarbonX have already developed this digital health management platform in China for commercial use. The platform is robust and holistic. Users enter genomic data and health questionnaires and then receive a range of assistive health suggestions tailored to them. These can range from personal fitness regimes, recommended skin care products, nutritional advice and more. Recommendations are generated by AI algorithms, learnt through the exposure of data.

iCarbonX have already partnered with major biotech companies to build its research platform, calling the project the Digital Life Alliance. The collaborators will have access to the vast amount of research generated by all the voluntarily shared genomic data of all the users. Furthermore, the iCarbonX platform will offer different tiers of service to members, depending on how much they pay. Future plans may even involve access to life insurance policies.




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