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A creative agency in Hong Kong have created a way of making jewellery that is based on a person’s unique heartbeat.

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We have seen some interesting ideas for functional jewellery already. Namely, this anti-zika collections from Singapore which protects its users, and this necklace which also serves as a teething ring for young children. A new innovation has created a way of making bespoke rings whose design is based on the heartbeat.

In October creative agency DDB Group in Hong Kong partnered with jewellery designer Nomera Ajmal to launch their ‘Crafted By My Heart’ range. The idea works like this: users download the app and place their finger over their mobile phone camera flash. The software then records their heartbeat through the subtle changes in skin coloration, creating a pattern for the unique ring based on their heartbeat. A 3D printer then creates a wax model, which is coated in silver, gold or black gunmetal, depending on the desired finish.

The rings are available from between HKD 1,198, or USD 155. Could this kind of product be adopted by health organisations to inspire people to take more regular health checks?



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