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Crypto heater

Heater mines cryptocurrency while heating your home


New crypto heater earns you money and keeps your home warm using energy from cryptocurrency mining.

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A French computing company, called Qarnot, has created the Qarnot QC-1 Crypto Heater. With the QC-1 Crypto Heater, users can earn cryptocurrency while heating their homes.

The energy required for mining cryptocurrency generates plenty of heat. Rather than seeking ways to keep a cryptocurrency mining facility cool, Qarnot’s innovative device makes use of this heat. The heat produced by the QC-1 Crypto Heater is generated by mining cryptocurrency and by two graphics cards that are implanted in the design. Therefore, as the device heats a space, it simultaneously creates money for the user.

Moreover, with a set up time of ten minutes, the QC-1 Crypto Heater is easy to use.  Using the accompanying mobile app and the information of the QC-1 LEDs, users can stay updated on changes in crypto markets. Along with following cryptocurrency trends in real time, the app and device interface also allow users to easily monitor the device’s mining mode and boost the heating mode. Additionally, the device is noiseless. This is due to its design which excludes noise producing mobile parts such as fans and hard drives.

The QC-1 is currently on sale on Qarnot’s website for EUR 2,900. This price includes a beginner’s guide and two year support via phone and mail.

Growing interests in cryptocurrency have seen the emergence of many other innovations that offer new ways to earn cryptocurrency.  One example is a cryptocurrency mining facility, built by an Austrian startup, which is powered by hydroelectricity. Another example is an app that coverts a user’s spare change into cryptocurrency. And now, Qarnot have released a device which uses the heat created by mining cryptocurrency to heat homes. In what other ways can we repurpose the energy that cryptocurrency mining facilities require?




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