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Helmet dispenser looks to improve safety among city bikeshare users

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HelmetHub is a helmet rental machine that aims to provide safety equipment to those using bikeshare programs.

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Netherlands-based EGG has already made efforts to incentivize helmet wearing among young cyclists by offering fun customization, but how can adults be encouraged to do the same? HelmetHub is a helmet rental machine that aims to provide the safety equipment to those using bikeshare programs.

While cycling without a helmet isn’t against the law in the majority of countries, there are obvious reasons why wearing one can help prevent head injury in the case of an accident. However, according to HelmetHub, usage in city bikeshare schemes – where riders can often be irregular users unfamiliar with cycling on busy roads – is “less than half the rate of cyclists as a whole”. The company wants to place vending machines next to bike docking stations that allow users to collect and return helmets for the duration of their ride. The machine – currently still in the prototype stage – is capable of stocking 36 helmets and would be regularly checked for damage or vandalism to the equipment in much the same way the bikes are. The machine is also solar-powered so they can be easily installed without disruption. A screen on the side lets users know how many helmets are left and where the next nearest station is.

The machine could help increase the safety of those participating in bikeshare schemes, and perhaps even encourage beginners who aren’t confident cycling without a helmet but aren’t willing to invest in their own. Program operators would also be able to decrease their liability in the case of an accident. Considering the popularity of existing programs, could this idea be rolled out in your part of the world?



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