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Sound system lets multiple users share audio wirelessly

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Ekko Audio enables four or more listeners to stream music from an existing audio system simultaneously over wifi.

We have already seen headphones that enable two listeners to share an audio experience wirelessly. Now Ekko Audio is a system that enables four or more listeners to access music from an existing audio system, simultaneously over wifi.

To begin, users plug in their Ekko base to a power source and connect it to their hi-fi, games console or television. Then, each listener takes a removable sound puck, which forms a wifi connection with the base — they will work within 100 feet of the system. Users can then plug any pair of headphones into the their puck via the cable jack, and use it to control their own volume. The pucks automatically charge when placed on the base and last for about 4.5 hours at a time. The system can also be used for streaming music digitally.


Ekko plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months. The system could be used to create DIY silent discos or at house parties in quiet neighborhoods. How could brands make use of Ekko’s social listening function?



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