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High fashion comes to hi vis

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London-based Henrichs has developed a range of hi vis cycling gear with a touch of glamour.

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As any urban cyclist will know, trying to get from A to B in one piece can be a dangerous task, especially in Western cities that will soon see it get dark at rush hour. It’s generally considered a wise move to wear some high-visibility clothing, but many don’t bother for fear of looking silly. In order to remedy this, London-based Henrichs has developed a range of hi vis cycling gear with a touch of glamour.

With clothing available for men, women and kids, the range consists of pieces such as vests, capes, collars and tops that can be worn on top of everyday clothes. Waterproof and wind-resistant, the items reflect the glare from car and streetlights to make bike riders visible up to 100m. Although the collection is focused on cyclists, the range could also be worn by pedestrians and runners who want to make sure they’re seen by vehicles at night time. There’s even a dog coat for those taking their pets for a walk. The collection is made entirely in London and prices start from approximately GBP 48.

Providing style and safety for those navigating dangerous city streets, Henrichs offers a more design-conscious clothing option to encourage residents to protect themselves. Are there other ways safety equipment can be redesigned to make it more desirable?



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