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High-tech rubber ball monitors your dog's fitness


A new high-tech rubber ball allows owners to monitor their dogs’ fitness levels and health.

MyBringy, currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, has develop a rubber ball with a motion-tracking sensor that collects data on how far your dog runs to collect the ball, how fast your dog is moving, and the height of its jump to snatch the ball from the air. The ball connects to an app that will display the information in real time, as well as allowing you to monitor progress over time. The app will inform you when your dog has achieved a personal best in ball fetching, and even remind you to reward it with a treat. MyBringy will also notify the owner when the dog needs to drink water or rest.

The MyBringy designers hope that the high-tech ball will help people to build a solid relationship with their dogs, through improving the management of your daily dog routines in a more efficient way. They point out that knowing their dog’s fitness levels can help owner’s plan walks and exercise routines that are tailored to both the dog’s needs and to it’s owner’s schedule – allowing for more human-dog quality time.

The ball currently has a beeping alert, good to a distance of 300 feet, to aid owners in finding the ball once thrown. They also plan to add some lights as a feature to the ball in the foreseeable future. The ball is rechargeable through a USB cable, and inductive chargers will be added at a later date. MyBringy currently have a fully-featured prototype, and are raising funds to start large scale production, and complete development of the mobile app. Recently, we have seen a smart dog food bowl and a dog collar that can keep track of calories eaten, which are just some examples of staying connected with your dogs needs. Now, MyBringy offers a high-tech alternative to the traditional dog tennis ball and chew stick, what other high-tech tools might be used to enhance the well-being of pets?



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