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Hippo water roller

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Ok, so this one isn’t new. But it caught our eye, and seems like the kind of idea that deserves all the attention it can get. The Hippo Water Roller was developed in South Africa 12 years ago to help alleviate problems associated with water shortage. Many rural African women and children spend up to half their day fetching water. Besides wasting time that could otherwise be spent in school or tending to livestock and crops, the weight of full buckets and barrels causes serious back and spinal injuries. The solution? A 90 liter/20 gallon polyethylene barrel with a clip-on steel handle, a Hippo Water Roller can be pushed forward over most types of terrain and dramatically increases the amount of water an individual can transport from a water source. The drums are strong enough to withstand typical rural road conditions, and have a large opening that allows for easy filling and cleaning. Besides saving time and spines, being able to transport more water with less effort means that growing crops becomes a viable source of food and income. Priced around USD 75, the rollers are beyond the means of most people who need them. The product’s manufacturers and suppliers, Imvubu Projects, work with the Africa Foundation to raise funds. From a (social) entrepreneur’s point of view: Imvubu Projects is also seeking contact with potential franchise partners and can provide a complete manufacturing plant and training for anyone wishing to produce Hippo Water Rollers under license outside South Africa. Spotted by: Treehugger Related: Playing for water



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