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Holiday destination searching based on recent temperature trends

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Netherlands-based enables visitors to search for potential holiday destinations based on weather conditions.

It’s always disappointing to head out to warmer climes only to find the weather isn’t quite as expected. Hoping to cater for tourists who aren’t fussy about where they go on holiday provided it’s sunny, Leads2Travel has launched a new website – – which enables visitors to search for locations based on weather conditions. Similar in concept to Spain’s Spotfav – which uses webcams and crowdsourced reports to show which coastlines are currently experiencing good weather – the Netherlands-based site offers users the option to search for all destinations between their minimum and maximum preferred temperatures. Translated as ‘Where The Sun Shines’, obviously can’t guarantee great weather, but a search engine based on temprature increases the likelihood of sunshine at the chosen location. The site also offers recommendations based on historical data and gives a monthly ‘Sunfactor’ rating to each area so visitors are able to easily compare and contrast. has incorporated a feature that taps into an important factor for holidaymakers when deciding on a trip abroad. It is currently only offering travel options from the Netherlands. Perhaps this is one to replicate in your part of the world?



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