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DIY floral arrangements join maker movement

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FlowersByNumber provides templates and equipment for making affordable flower arrangements at home.

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The maker movement is helping passionate amateurs get creative at home, whether it’s growing a vegetable patch or making DIY cheese. US-based FlowersByNumber is helping makers at home design floral arrangements without the need for a professional florist.


Using a paint-by-numbers style template, users are provided with all the basics they need to get started, including a reusable base and foam in which to insert the flowers. Template designs, which can be chosen online and printed off, show users which flowers should be placed where, and an associated brochure provides advice on how flowers should be trimmed for effect. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, FlowersByNumber hope to be available by the end of this year.

Joining a growing list of maker movement products, FlowersByNumber are providing a cheaper alternative to hiring a professional florist. What other currently inaccessible products could be made available for DIYers?



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