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Home flirting lets owners test the market

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We’ve covered several ventures that help potential homebuyers proclaim their interest in homes that aren’t on the market. Turns out that this is a two-way street: homeowners can now do the same, thanks to Dutch start-up Moviq. By registering their property on Moviq, owners can get a feel for the market without actually deciding to sell. Or, using Moviq’s sexier terminology, they can flirt with potential buyers. To do so, they first need to claim their property: after sending in their address and personal details, Moviq checks whether the property is actually listed in their name, and then sends them an activation code. Owners can then list their property, add a description and upload photos that will heighten their appeal. ‘Flirt homes’ are listed alongside properties that are on the market, and potential buyers can make an informal offer without any further obligations. The Intention Economy usually focuses on buyers notifying the market of their intent to buy, letting sellers compete for their purchase. Turning this upside down and having owners test the waters before committing to a sales process is definitely an interesting twist. One to try out in other markets? Moviq is also a good example of banks moving beyond traditional marketing to reach out to consumers: the website is owned and operated by Rabobank. Besides its flirty side, Moviq also offers a variety of tools to cover all aspects of buying, selling, moving and decorating. (Related: ING Bank helps clients buy homes that aren’t for sale.) Spotted by: Paulien van der Heiden



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