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Drinking water | Photo source Bru-nO on Pixabay

Hospital pulls moisture from the air to get clean water


Solar-powered “hydropanels” on a roof turn moisture into drinkable water

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A hospital in Jamaica has installed a system by Zero Mass Water that pulls moisture from the air to create drinkable water. The system is eco-friendly, using solar powered “hydropanels”, and eliminates plastic water bottles.

The hydro panel is composed of a normal solar panel with two hydropanels — one that generates heat, and one that absorbs moisture from the air. Condensation forms and water droplets are collected in a 30-litre reservoir where minerals are added. The drinkable water is connected to a tap.

Zero Mass Water claims that they can produce the equivalent of “up to a case of bottled water” a day “from a pair of hydropanels.” They also say their system “offsets the equivalent of over 100,000 plastic bottles over 15 years and wastes zero water.” The product is available online here.




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