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Hostel's edible business card cures backpackers' altitude sickness

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Peru's Kokopelli hostel has developed an edible business card that counteracts the effects of altitude sickness for those climbing the nearby Andes.

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The best hotels do all they can to create a good experience for customers during their stay, but they can’t typically do a lot once they leave. As a way to offer a memorable parting gift to its customers, Peru’s Kokopelli hostel has developed an edible business card that counteracts the effects of altitude sickness.

Located in Cusco, which is nearby the Andes mountain range, the hostel caters for many hikers and climbers who stop at the venue before heading to higher altitudes. Kokopelli gives each visitor a business card with the venue’s details in case they want to return on the way back down or in the future. Climbers can often suffer from sickness at high altitudes, and the business card doubles as an edible remedy inspired by ancient Peruvian techniques. Designed by New York-based Lanfranco & Cordova, the card features a leaf imprint made of coca leaf, which can be removed and chewed, leaving the hostel’s details intact. The video below explains more about the concept:

The card serves its purpose as a reminder of the hostel’s details but also helps hikers to feel better, creating a positive connection between the brand and their travel experience. However, the card cannot be carried outside of the Peruvian border, as the coca leaf could be used to extract cocaine. Are there other remedies that could be offered by hotels to help tourists with travel sickness or jetlag?



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