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Hotel guests can now stream Netflix from their own accounts

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Enseo provide hotels with integrated entertainment solutions, enabling guests to stream content from their own accounts for free.

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The hotel industry are constantly coming up with new ways to provide comfortable places that make travelers feel at-home, and we have seen establishments offer vinyl and clothing in mini-bar menus. Enseo is now offering an integrated room entertainment, so guests can access their personal TV streaming accounts in their hotel rooms.

The Enseo Entertainment Experience (E3) provides a cloud-based service that sees a set-top box which is compatible to normal and smart TVs. Guests are able to log onto their personal accounts such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and stream video and audio through their room’s television set. Hotels can also deliver their digital branding through E3, including welcome pages and menu guides. Being cloud-based, hotel management can upgrade the entire building’s network simultaneously using Enseo’s in-house server, and provide integrated digital customer care solutions for checkin/out, ordering and other services. By providing users with a means to use their own accounts, demand on hotel wifi is reduced, freeing up bandwidth for those who need to work while they stay.

The E3 system is free for guests, and now available at more than 300 hotels across the US, including properties owned by the Marriott and the Hilton. How else could hotel guests’ entertainment experiences be improved?



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