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Hotel takes its kitchen to the streets

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The Four Seasons Taste Truck is a roving restaurant that offers passersby a taste of the haute cuisine available to the hotel chain's booking guests, as well as unique events.

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Airlines using food trucks to enable potential customers to sample their onboard meals isn’t a new thing – we’ve seen both Air France and Austrian Air taking to the idea in the past. However, now the Four Seasons hotel chain is getting in on the act with its Four Seasons Taste Truck, a roving restaurant that offers passersby a taste of the haute cuisine available to its booking guests.

With an 8-week tour covering San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Barbara, Westlake Village, Beverly Wilshire, Los Angeles, Scottsdale and Santa Fe, the food truck will pitch up and offer a sample of the meals from the brand’s hotel menus. Having spent its first week in Palo Alto, the menu saw dishes ranging from Bucatini pasta with pesto and green beans to Banh mi with porchetta, cooked by Michelin-star chef Marco Fossati and costing USD 8 for a main course. The food truck will also be creating community events centering around food, such as Oktoberfest celebrations and urban art exhibitions.

The tour – which will run until November – aims to raise awareness of the meals available at Four Seasons hotels, as well as create an extra presence for the brand outside of its official venues. Are there other businesses that could take advantage of a mobile arm of their company?

Spotted by: Raymond Kollau



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